Why invest in real estate in Florida?

The US is large, containing 50 states, and it is very important to choose an area that is fit for investment, the type of property, character of the tenants, etc.  We look at many criteria, but we focus on the four major criteria for investment:

1. An area with proven positive migration over the past few decades.  The pleasant climate, variety of services offered in the area, and the low costs compared to other areas, makes Florida very attractive for a variety of population groups:

       1. Golden agers who are looking for a place to live during their retirement.

       2. Many renters from around the world, who choose to spend half the year in the area.

        3. Many tourists with means from various countries around the world choose to spend some part of the year in their permanent homes and another part in a different attractive place with the appropriate conditions.  Florida is one of the preferred destinations for many such people.

2. An area with a strong and stable labor market.  Many young people choose their place of residence based on a market that can provide them with employment.  In recent years, some parts of Florida have become attractive areas for many companies to relocate their offices and factories.  At the same time, many public facilities are opening in the area, providing employment, in places such as Cape Coral.

3. An area with demand that exceeds the existing supply.  Florida is the most rapidly growing state in the US, particularly cities like Cape Coral, which is growing at double the rate of the state as a whole.  Cape Coral was hard hit by the crisis, and many were forced to leave their homes, as prices dropped.  As a result, there is a large supply, but in view of the attractive conditions in the area, Cape Coral has become one of the first cities to show recovery and amazing growth.

4. An area providing “added value” to residents.  Florida in general offers residents a convenient residential area with a good climate, in parallel with a variety of medical and public services that are developing rapidly.  Certain areas, such as Cape Coral, offer quality of life and high added value a cost significantly lower than other areas.  For instance, in Cape Coral it is still possible to buy a house on the water and to tie up a boat for about 250,000 dollars, while the same property on the east coast of Florida would cost 3 times as much or more.