Reliability, know-how, and 30 years of experience in the US real estate market

We know that a safe and income-producing investment overseas requires guidance, support and a lot of experience!

That is precisely why we have written “The Guide to Successful Real Estate Investment in the US” for you.  It is based on the know-how and experience we have gained over decades of activity in the American real estate market.

We invite you to download the Guide now, and to view the video that will show you how it is all possible.

And of course, you can get in touch with us for any further questions.

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Investment opportunities

At American Israel Investments LLC, we find you the areas and properties that are preferred investments according to specific criteria.

Among the most important criteria, we find proven positive migration over years, markets with a strong and stable labor market, and areas with demand that exceeds existing supply and that have added value for residents.

Our aim is to enable you, the investor, to make an informed decision and to maximize the return on your investment with minimal risk.

What our customers are saying:

Where to find a property, and what is a good property. Eddie’s got it!

I have so far accepted every one of Keren and Eddie’s recommendations, and afterward found them to all be correct.

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