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Dafna & Shachar ...Properties that yield (a profit) are the investments we like to make
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Alon Tamir


My name is Alon Tamir.  I am 48 and I live in northern Israel, I’m happily married to Vered and the father of 3 amazing sons.

Like many of my friends in “mid-life”, I looked for a solid investment track with a reasonable yield.  What I mean by a reasonable yield – you can look for a solid investment portfolio with yields of 2-4 percent, but I was looking for something more attractive that still has a low level of risk.  I talked with friends a little, and discovered that the real estate option seemed to be the most in line with what was looking for.

The option of investing in real estate in Israel was rejected very quickly.  Housing prices are sky-high, real yields are 4-5 percent (which is considered excellent) and the market is very demanding with customers (tenants) that are not easy….

After looking at the market, and reading a lot on the Internet, I found that the real estate market in the US is among the most attractive and considered less volatile, particularly after stabilizing following the 2008 crisis.

After spending a few evenings vocally pondering and debating with friends, I heard about an amazing couple that guides you through real estate investments abroad, from the start, hand in hand, with a lot of good will and a customer orientation “like abroad” – service that we are not used to in Israel…

I got in touch with Keren and Eddie, and we set up a time to meet.  From the first moment, I understood: Eddie – an amazing marketing person, boundless energy, amazing personal relations, and a strong desire to help with all his heart.  Keren is an amazing woman, balanced, responsible, an expert in all the numbers, and a rationalist ability to provide information in an excellent way!

I was looking for exactly this type of people!

The worries….

There are people who will say that they are “remote control” investors abroad and there are no worries.  Personally, I am the type that loves, and is used to, being in control, knowing what is happening, always having my finger on the pulse, and knowing that I am in control and responsible for what is happening.  And, I must say that I learned very well to get to know and to like the fact that there is another way – Eddie and Keren simply take care of everything!

When I say everything: They accompany and advise, explain and recommend, direct and guide on every issue: Opening a limited liability company- yes or no, and if yes, they are with you the whole way; supporting and coordinating the given budget and adjusting it to the desired and proper property, recommendations and help with the lawyers, accountants, property management companies, in short – everything!

Today, after more than 3 years, one house in Atlanta and another one being built in Cape Coral Florida, I feel that I made the right choice.  Excellent real yields (touch wood), a couple of new friends (I heard that this happens a lot…) Keren and Eddie, and peace of mind!!!  (My parents have a small apartment in Israel, and I look on at the headache and run-around they have to deal with.)  But mainly, a proper financial investment generating income each year, and every day I see my modest investment growing.

In summation, whoever is, like me, searching for a solid yet attractive investment, I very much recommend meeting with Keren and Eddit and investment in real estate in the US.  They are an amazing couple, extraordinarily trustworthy, have a proper view of the real estate market in the US, and are absolutely oriented to the good of the customer – always!!!

Alon Tamir“I very much recommend meeting with Keren and Eddie and investing in real estate in the US.”
Yair and Rikki Cohen

About 3 years ago, we purchased 2 housing units in Atlanta through America Israel.

The wonderful team of Eddie and Keren guided us the entire way, and they are still with us any time we need them.

We have an address for any problem or complaint, and they help us quickly in the best way.

We warmly recommend ‘America Israel Investment llc’ for purchases in the US.

Yair and Rikki Cohen“We warmly recommend America Israel for purchasing in the US”