Welcome to America Israel Investments LLC

America Israel Investments LLC is a real estate investment company located in the US that specializes in the marketing of income-producing properties in the US to investors from all over the world.

For the past 14 years, the company has been active in Israel as well, providing you, the investor, with all the services you need from the beginning of the process to the moment of the sale: Finding the correct and most attractive property, finding the area and timing that is right for your purchase, managing and coordinating the process with the American authorities, banks, taxation, renovation and capital improvements, day-to-day management, and more.

All this creates an all-inclusive package of services that will guide you throughout the investment period…

As an Israeli investor, you will enjoy personal support and ongoing guidance in Hebrew at all stages of the process, including a recommendation of when the best time is for an “exit”.

We invite you, the Israeli investor, to enjoy the experience that we have gained, our deep knowledge of the American real estate market, and our team of experts and advisors in the US, who are acting to maximize your investment for you.